Campground Auto was designed to compliment your existing digital marketing campaigns, not replace them.

Working alongside our seasoned human Instagram growth managers, our artificial intelligence platform replicates the work and efforts of a small army of experts and interns.  We have the ability to dynamically learn about your dealership's immediate market and tailor Instagram growth on the fly to attract and retain the right potential car buyers.  

Organic Growth

It's not just a buzz-word, but the bedrock of lasting and sustainable growth for your dealership's social media and brand reputation.  We screen and engage with people who have the potential to be real customers.


There's no use in spending precious marketing resources to appeal to followers on the other end of the country or even the world.  Campground focuses on local buyers and gives you the option to target specific markets.


Monthly social media stats delivered to you by your very own human account manager.  Yeah, we're that serious about helping you grow out your dealerships' Instagram feed and profile.  At the end  of the day ROI is everything.

Richmond BMW  - Today

Richmond BMW - Today

Richmond BMW- After 6-12 months with Campground

Richmond BMW- After 6-12 months with Campground