Flywheel is an Instagram growth and content agency that drives traffic and engagement for dealerships.

Effortlessly scale your feed to reach and interact with the right audience. Our technology connects you to real local followers.


Flywheel delivers results for dealerships


Flywheel’s team of social media strategists and content creators can craft a ground-up campaign of original content for your dealership.

We curate feeds that convey an aesthetic that keeps your dealership/marque front and center with your follower base.


Our team is constantly uncovering and refining your demographics on Instagram to maintain a steady stream of fresh views on your content.

We build real, meaningful connections with your followers to build a community centered around your dealership’s brand.


No more worrying about when or what to post. Flywheel will plan a content calendar that is designed to win followers and convert them into leads.

Your Flywheel team can also handle post interactions and comments.

Trusted by automotive groups and independent dealerships across the us, Canada, uk and australia.


Chase buyer intent, not followers.

Flywheel's service is composed of two very important parts: our social media content and our Instagram growth strategy.

When you start with us, our team will work with you to understand your business goals, brand messaging and ideal demographics. We'll also do a thorough review of your Instagram feed and give you pointers for future success. Roughly 80% of our automotive clients also rely on us as a fully turn-key solution to create and curate content as well.

On the technology front, our growth system plugs directly into Instagram's servers so there's no additional software for you to download!

Flywheel's technology doesn't utilize fake followers, artificial likes or generic 'spam' comments (we've all seen those generic "Cool Post" comments).  

Our service offers the following:

  • Brand & marque agnostic.

  • Geography agnostic.

  • Ability to work with multi-marque shops.

  • Expert content creation and curation*.

  • Outreach to the right demographics, not just generic followers.

Flywheel Social was designed to complement your existing digital marketing campaigns, not replace them.

Our seasoned growth team learns about your dealership's immediate market and tailors Instagram growth on the fly to attract and retain the right potential car buyers.  

Organic Growth

It's not just a buzz-word, but the bedrock of lasting and sustainable growth for your dealership's social media and brand reputation.

We screen and engage with people who have the potential to be real customers. 

Anyone can tell you who your customers are, we go a step beyond and get to customer intent.


There's no use in spending precious marketing resources to appeal to followers on the other side of the country or even the world.

Flywheel focuses on local buyers and gives you the option to target specific markets.


Content is king and today's savvy demographics want a constant stream of quality posts. Our team can help create and curate amazing content. 

More than 80% of our Automotive clients outsource all of their Instagram needs to Flywheel.

Our content strategy revolves around engagement and activation of real potential buyers and fans.

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